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Our Mission

Making training and L&D recruiting easy

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Meet the L&D Matchmaker

Vanessa Rodriguez

My career began as a social worker and I later found I had a knack for developing others. I turned that “knack” into a 10+ year career in Learning & Development.

Shaping the digital landscapes and enhancing business performance for companies like Morgan Stanley, and transforming L&D teams from a traditional cost center to a dynamic profit generator, has brought me great joy.

Now, I spend my time as the CEO of LDM recruiting for SaaS companies who want to take their training efforts to the next level with the right people at the helm.

My Promise

Your success is my mission

This is my promise to you. I will help you build and become part of a winning Learning & Development team by using the recruiting efforts I’ve built to find the best. I’m deeply invested in building a winning L&D team focused on three core values:

Recruit the best L&D professionals in the world

Retain the best people to make a learning landscape others envy

Guide the careers of truly talented L&D professionals

Vanessa Rodriguez

CEO of LDM Recruiting

Why I Recruit

Why I switched from leading L&D to recruiting for the industry

For years, I’ve consulted pre-seed startups to Fortune 500 companies on their training needs. Once I had the strategy in place for a winning training solution, recruiting people to execute on that solution always proved hard for my clients.

For even more years, I’ve mentored Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers who were phenomenal at their work and what I’d consider highly recruitable. But, they had a hard time landing jobs.

Recruiting seemed like a perfect fit for two needs for two groups I love working with. I’m here to bring comfort and easy to a rather stressful time for both company and candidate alike.

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