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Job hunting challenges

The typical experience

ATS Rejections

Up to 75% of qualified resumes are rejected by ATS due to keywords, formatting, and job titles.

6-Seconds to Prove Worth

After the ATS, recruiters view resumes for 6 sec. before deciding to pass them along or not.

Limited Info

In interviews, you face scrutinizing hiring teams trying to see proof in your ability to bring value.

Create a profile in less than 15 minutes to bypass Steps 1 and 2, and make Step 3 easier.

Create profile

Take 15 min to create
your profile and you’ll
skip the drudgery

Interview with LDM

Discuss your portfolio,
wins and losses with LDM
and set you up for hiring

Speak with Hiring Team

Once we find a good fit
for you, we’ll intro you to a
company and their team

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