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Your hiring just got simple

Perfect fits, every time

Meet the L&D Matchmaker

Vanessa Rodriguez

(801) 455-0538

Whether you want to explore my process, pricing, or wish to simply chat so I understand your needs, I’m happy to speak with you.

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The Process

What to expect

Understand your needs

We’ll meet to align on your business objectives, including urgency, and role requirements.

Get qualified candidates

We use our unique candidate grading and 10 years of L&D experience to find you the best L&D talent.

Don't know what you need?

That’s okay! I will help you dissect your short-term and long-term goals and identify the type of role needed.

One simple interview

After I present you qualified candidates, all you need to do is identify which ones would fit best with your culture and team.

We find rare
L&D ninjas

We assess top professionals on eight skills through multiple evaluations to ensure accurate and confident ratings.


Our Guarantee

Nearly one-third of new hires quit within six months. This is often due to bad fit. We guarantee a 6-month tenure for everyone we place. If they quit, we’ll replace them for free. 

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